Log on to Radio Islam for a daily live show. The website has more than 5,000 shows online which includes from every day joe from the street to the Nobel Peace Laureates from around the world. 

The above photo is of Ayesha Mostapha, a host of the daily Radio Islam. She is the editor of Muslim Journal the longest lasting weekly published by the community of Imam W. D. Muhammad.

Producer: Matthew AbdulHaq Neimi

Engineer: Jeff Frizzle 

Hosts: Janaan Hashim, Salahuddin Khan, Shereen Yousef, Tasleem Jamila Firdausee, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Samee & Abdul Malik Mujahid 

Five Achievements of Radio Islam

Radio Islam has achieved incredible milestones since its first show aired on October 1, 2004. It has been hailed for its consistency, quality and professionalism. It has even been featured in a chapter of the book Mecca and Main Street by award-winning author, Geneive Abdo.

Here are the top five things Radio Islam has achieved since 2004:

  1. Radio Islam has established itself as the nation’s only Muslim radio program that is on the air and available live on the web every day. That's 365 shows with fresh content. No other show has been able to do this thus far.
  2. Radio Islam has achieved an audience base that is more than 50 percent non-Muslim. Church leaders, teachers and professors not only listen to this program, but encourage others to do the same. Congressman Danny Davis even told everyone on the air that he listens to it daily. Radio Islam is reaching not just Muslim ears, but building bridges of understanding among neighbors.
  3. Radio Islam is a major public relations tool, but not in the traditional way. Radio Islam engages intellectuals, Congressmen, activists and movers and shakers of all shades and stripes on air. These guests leave Radio Islam not only communicating their ideas and views with our community; they leave with the understanding that we, too, care about the issues of the day and that we also have a perspective on it.
  4. Radio Islam has become a training ground for Muslim media professionals. Our hosts and producers have honed their journalism skills and moved on to make their mark in the mainstream media, inclinding in programs on National Public Radio (NPR) to those on CNN.
  5. Mainstream news organizations have turned to Radio Islam for ideas in their own reports and broadcasts. Journalists and editors have directly contacted us about topics we've covered and put together similar material for their own audiences. This indicates that Radio Islam is reaching not only its own listeners, but millions of people in America and around the world who read, listen to or watch these sources of information.

With minimal staff but plenty of dedication and enthusiasm, Radio Islam has been able to achieve these incredible milestones, Alhamdu lillah. But if we are to continue this and more importantly, move to the next level, your support is necessary.

Please remember us in your Duas, and please consider donating generously to this project whose influence has reached far beyond what was originally expected.

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